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Starkey Little League (SLL) Attendance and Participation Policy

 We understand that in today’s world, kids often participate in a variety of activities. Since our capacity is limited and our goal is to keep rosters manageable to maximize playing time, historically SLL has a wait list for potential players each season. In previous seasons we have experienced families who chose other activities over SLL and were chronically absent or tardy which made planning practices and managing games difficult on the teams. We want to avoid that scenario this year as it is simply unfair to other kids and families who are committed to SLL. We respectfully request that unless you can make SLL a priority versus other activities that you do not register and leave space for another family that is willing to make our League its priority.
READ OUR ATTENDANCE POLICY - Attendance is very important in our League, and we have an Attendance Policy for you to review. Please read it carefully (see below) and make sure you can abide by it before registering.
ATTENDANCE POLICY - We understand that players and their families must commit to high attendance of games and practices in order for Starkey Little League to work. The League requires this commitment because SLL strives to have parity between teams, to promote team cohesion, and to keep roster sizes small so that all players get substantial playing time. Significant absenteeism makes these objectives unworkable. Players and their families must understand that a player is expected to attend all practices and games and when that is not possible the following apply:
ADVANCE NOTICE OF ABSENCE REQUIRED - If a player cannot attend a game, a parent must notify the coach at least 24 hours in advance and 4 hours in advance if a practice is to be missed (or less if there is illness or last minute emergency travel). 
FAILURE TO NOTIFY COACH - Failure to give the coach the proper notice will result in an unexcused absence and a warning to the player by the coach. One more unexcused absence may result in a suspension with any further occurrences leading to expulsion from the League.

SUSPENSION/EXPULSION - Excessive absenteeism or tardiness (even with proper notification) to practices and games may also warrant suspension or expulsion from the League.  Excessive absenteeism would be when a player is late or absent for four (4) consecutive games or practices, or a cumulative total of six (6) events during the season. 

A suspension of a player for absenteeism must have the approval of the Vice President and Player Agent. Expulsion from the League for absenteeism must also have approval of the President.


As the parent/legal guardian of the above named child requesting placement on a Starkey Little League (SLL) team, I give my approval for his/her participation in any and all SLL activities., I understand that my child is expected to consistently attend his/her SLL team practices and games. I understand that it is my responsibility to communicate with my child’s SLL team coach in advance if my child will miss a team practice or game for any reason in order for the coach to plan accordingly. If my child participates in other programs outside of SLL, I understand that he/she must prioritize participation at his/her SLL team practices and games when scheduling conflicts arise. If participation in other activities becomes a disruption to SLL and team operations during the season, I understand the SLL board of directors may act in the best interest of the league as a whole, which may include the child’s dismissal from his/her SLL team.

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