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This AA or Machine/Coach Pitch division is for players who are league age 6 - 8 only.  In this division a roster typically ranges from 11-12 players per team.  This division is focused on instruction and development of player skill sets.  We do machine-pitch and kid pitch.  6-year-old players may play in AA if they have played a season of tee-ball. 

Games will be Saturdays with some weeknight games.  There will also be an opportunity for the teams to travel and play teams from other leagues.

In this division Starkey Little League strives for competitive balance using the knowledge we have of incoming players based on statistics kept by each team the previous season.  Although we understand players wanting to continue to play with one another our goal as a league is to ensure teams are challenged each game.

Parents, SLL typically is looking for team managers for this division.  If you feel you can offer baseball knowledge and structure for this age group please indicate it when registering by selecting the volunteer opportunities.  SLL offers a coaching coordinator to assist with lessons and drills for practice.  A league official will reach out to discuss in more detail once you indicate interest in registration to coach, indication on registration does not guarantee a position.   


1)     Regular season games are approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes or six (6) innings, whichever is first.  Tournament games are 1 hour and 45 minutes or six (6) innings, whichever is first.

2)     No new inning after 7:45 PM for regular season games and no new inning after 8:00 PM for tournament games.  If an inning is started it must be completed per normal baseball (if the home team is winning and time threshold passes the game is complete) rules.  An inning officially starts when the last out is recorded in the previous inning.

3)     All teams must use the Game Changer Team Manager app.  The home team is the official scorer.

4)     When a team is on offense no more than 5 adults are allowed in the dugout and on the field at one time (4 on the field and 1 in the dugout).  Any defensive coaches on the field must be in foul territory only.  This includes a mixture of the team manager, team coaches, and team parent.

5)     Managers must exchange lineup and position cards (Full name and uniform number) prior to the game.  Any changes to the planned positions must be communicated to the opposing manager at the time of the change.

6)     In regular season games three (3) outs or five (5) offensive runs end a half inning.  In tournament games a maximum of five (5) runs per inning are allowed in innings 1-4, innings 5-6 are open scoring.

7)     Each batter will be given up to five (5) pitches.  A fair hit ball, three (3) swing and misses, or failure to swing at the fifth (5) pitch ends a batters at bat.  Foul balls with (2) strikes will continue an at bat until the batter has either put the ball in play, swung and missed for strike three, or failed to swing at the fifth pitch.

8)     Starting with the 4th game of the season player pitch is introduced.  Teams are to complete 3 innings of normal play under AA-Rules. Starting in the 4th inning of play, a player may pitch from the mound. If 4 balls (non strikes or swing and misses) are delivered before 3 strikes are recorded the coach or machine pitch will be delivered to complete the offensive players at bat.  Strikes will carry over against the batter from the player pitch portion of the at bat and the number of pitches permitted remaining will decrease by the number of strikes on the batter who is at bat (IE in a 2 strike count the batter can receive up to 3 pitches from the coach or machine pitch).  No player will pitch more than 1 inning or 3 outs per game.  No pitcher will pitch to more than 12 batters in an inning.  Any player who delivers a pitch must adhere to a mandatory 2 day pitching rest period before entering in as a pitcher of record for another game.  If a team does not have a player who can pitch safely that team can forego the player pitch portion the remainder of that game.  The player pitch option is removed and not included in the end of season tournament.       

9)     There are no walks except if a player pitch has a direct hit to a player.  There is no base stealing.  There is no leading off on the bases. Single base on an overthrow shall be enforced.

10)  In a regular season game, every player is required to play an infield position at least once.  In a tournament game every player will play where the team manager assigns - no infield requirement.

11)  Substitutions are to be rotated.  All players sit once before any player sits twice. 

12)  Consecutive batting order is in effect.  If a player is not playing in the field that inning that player will still bat their position in the batting order.

13)  Each team will play with a maximum of 10 fielders, utilizing 4 outfielders.

14)  If a team has less than ten players present for a scheduled game, that team shall “borrow” one or more players from the opposing team to complete its ten defensive positions. The opposing player(s) who are at the bottom of the offensive teams batting order will play for the defensive team, in the outfield ONLY.  Teams must suit 8 players in a tournament game or forfeit.

15)  If a batted ball comes in contact with the pitching machine or coach operating the machine, the ball is dead. The batter will be awarded first base. Only runners that are forced to advance will advance one base.  The coach must make every attempt to avoid being hit by a thrown or batted ball.

16)  Play comes to stop when an INFIELDER has total possession of the ball in the infield whether in fair or foul territory.

17)  All other rules will follow Blue Book rules.

18)  Please remind players & parents to clean out the dugout and bleachers prior to leaving the field.

19)  Starkey Little League is a NO SMOKING park.  We do not allow the use of any tobacco products during practices and/or games except at the designated smoking areas which are located past the bullpens on the side of each field.

20)  Please remember the reason we all get involved is for the kids.  Please make sure they learn not only the game of baseball but also good sportsmanship, discipline, and respect for others. Most of all HAVE FUN!!


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