Our Uniform Guidelines

The purpose of having uniform guidelines is to promote equality among the players and teams as well as to promote Starkey Little League and give recognition to our sponsors.

For questions on equipment needed, please see our FAQs page.

Uniform Style: SLL will maintain a traditional baseball uniform style utilizing the following standards for the all rec seasons:

1. Shirts: Each player will be provided a numbered shirt displaying the Starkey LL logo on the front and the team sponsor's name on the back. Player last name will be included on the back. No personalizations will be granted. Each team in the division will have a different color jersey. Coaches and team moms will receive a matching shirt with just the SLL logo on the front.

2. Baseball Hats:
 Each player and coach will be provided a baseball cap (baseball) or visor (softball) displaying the official team logo. It is a requirement by LL that all baseball players wear their uniform hat while fielding in games.

3. Socks: Socks will be provided to all players and will be a solid color that matches the team colors.

4. Belt: “Athletic” stretch baseball belt will be provided to divisions AA Rookies and older, matching the team colors. Belts are optional in tee ball and A-ball and are not provided by the league (baseball pants for these ages generally are drawstring / don't have belt loops).

5. Little League Patch:  Spring season uniforms will also have the LL Patch affixed to the left sleeve.

6. Baseball Pants: Baseball pants shall be provided by the player and will be solid gray in color.

Refer to the Little League Uniform Guidelines for more details on requirements.


Local Sponsors

Starkey Little League

Marie Bettinger (president), 3152 Little Road Suite 153
Trinity, Florida 34655

Email: [email protected]