The "AAA" or "Minors" division is for players who are league age 8 - 11 only.  League age 8 players must be recommended to participate and display appropriate level of abilities in try outs.  This division is a developmental kid pitch division.  In this division rosters range from 11-13 players per team, typically.  This division is still focused on instructional and development of player skill sets.  This is a kid pitch exclusively division.  In this division teams play with the standard 9 players defensively and a continuous batting order even if your players did not play defense that inning, except for tournament play. 

Games will be played on Saturday and one night during the week.  There will also be an opportunity for the teams to travel and play teams from other leagues.  

Coach / Friend requests are very limited as rosters are based on player evaluations in the spring and in the fall, rosters are set using the information SLL has on returning players.  In this division SLL strives for competitive balance using the knowledge we have of incoming players based on statistics kept by each team the previous season.  Although we understand players wanting to continue to play with one another our goal as a league is to ensure teams are challenged each game.  New players to SLL are placed on rosters based on player evaluations.    

All league age 9-, 10-, and 11-year old's are required to try out for the majors division.  League age 9-, 10- and 11-year old's that have played 2 seasons or more at the AAA level are encouraged to play in the majors division during the fall season to gain experience.  League age 9-, 10- and 11-year old's who are new to kid-pitch should register for AAA.


AAA Division Rules

1.)  Regular season games are 1 hour 45 minute or six (6) innings, whichever is first. Tournament games are 2 hours or six (6) innings, whichever is first.  

2.)  No new inning after 8:00 PM for regular season games and no new inning after 8:15 PM for tournament games.  If an inning is started it must be completed per normal baseball (if the home team is winning and time threshold passes the game is complete) rules.  An inning begins when the last out is recorded in the previous inning.

3.)  All teams must use the Game Changer Team Manager app.  The home team is the official scorer.

4.)  Team pitching logs must be filled out after the completion of each game.

5.)  Managers must exchange line up cards prior to the game.  Line up cards are to include full first name, last name, and jersey number.  Any changes to the line up card must be communicated to the umpire.  Managers must also announce ineligible pitchers during plate meeting - discrepancies to be discussed at the plate meeting. 

6.)  No more than 4 coaches, the coaches of record, during regular season games are allowed in the dugout at one time.  No more than 3 coaches, the coaches of record, during tournament games are allowed in the dugout at one time.

7.)  In regular season & tournament games three (3) outs or five (5) offensive runs end a half inning in innings 1-3, innings 4-6 are open.  No run limit after each, respectively.  

8.)  In regular season games consecutive batting order is in effect.  If a player is not playing in the field that inning that player will still bat their position in the batting order.  Tournament games will be per Little League International Tournament blue book rules.  Blue Book Rules

9.)  In regular season games substitutions are to be rotated.  All players sit once before any player sits twice.  Tournament games substitutions are per blue book rules.  Teams must suit 8 players in a tournament game or forfeit.

10.)  The home team is responsible for providing a home plate umpire.  The away team is responsible for providing a base umpire.  When the league provides an umpire both teams are relieved of this responsibility.  Proper gear must be worn and returned to the field following the game.

11.)  All other rules are per blue book. 

12.)  Please remind players to clean out dugouts and bleachers prior to leaving the field.

13.) Remember Starkey Little League is a NO SMOKING park.  We do not allow the use of tobacco products during practices and/or games.  The designated smoking areas are located past the bullpens on all fields.         

Please remember the reason we all get involved is for the kids.  Please make sure they learn not only the game of baseball but also good sportsmanship, discipline, and respect for others.  Most of all HAVE FUN!!


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