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The A-ball division is for players who are league age 5 - 6 only.  The purpose of A-ball is for players to learn the fundamentals of baseball and youth sports team activities, while preparing them for the more advanced machine/kid-pitch AA division.

Games will be played primarily Saturdays with the occasional weeknight games.  Coach / Friend requests are granted up to team roster limits. 

Parents, SLL is typically seeking team managers for this division.  If you feel you can offer knowledge and structure for this age group, please indicate when registering.  Our league offers a coaching coordinator to assist with lessons and drills make practice fun but educational.  A league official will reach out to discuss in more detail.  The more volunteers we have the more these tee ball player’s benefit.  



1)     Games will last 6 innings or 1 hour and 15 minutes. You may finish an inning, but no new innings after the time limit has been met.

2)     An offensive Team Manager will pitch to their batters only, and have the authority to have another coach member to pitch in their stead. A rotation can also be created. Coach pitchers must maintain a distance of 35 feet (you may draw or chalk a line) and throw on one knee. The coach pitcher MUST throw a consistent overhand pitch with little to no arc.

*note: if a batted ball hits the coach it is declared dead and considered a “no pitch”. It is recommended that a pitching coach walk outside of the baseline after a ball is put into play to avoid obstruction. If it is determined that the pitching coach caused obstruction to the defensive team once the ball has been put into play, it will be ruled so, the batter declared OUT and all base runners must return to their occupied base prior to the obstruction.

3)     The batter will be allowed up to 6 pitches from the manager/coach. The batter will be considered OUT after 3 swinging strikes, they miss, or fail to swing at the sixth pitch. Additional pitches will only be permitted if the ball is fouled off on the sixth pitch.

*note: NO base on balls, intentional walks OR hit by pitch. Batters should be STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to swing the bat.

-NO infield fly rule in effect.

-NO bunting. The batter must take a full swing and follow through. A half swing or bunt will be considered a foul ball. Managers use best discretion.

-NO base stealing. The base runner may not lead off or leave the base until the ball is put into play. If he/she does, the runner will be called OUT. This has a learning curve with young kids so coaches can be more lenient.

4)     Batting Format: Teams will bat in a continuous lineup throughout the game. A 5 RUN LIMIT PER INNING will be in effect through all 6 innings or 1:15. The half inning ends once the defense has recorded 3 OUTS or the offense has scored 5 RUNS. All games must be completed as normal as time allows or until mercy rules are met, regardless if you are down more runs that you can come back from. This is to allow reps for the kids. Managers are NOT REQUIRED to shuffle the batting order after each game. That said, for this age group/division, SLL recommends ALL players have the opportunity to bat the top, middle, bottom of a lineup.

5)     Official Score will be kept. Coach Pitch is “competitive” but truly designed to help further the players basic knowledge and learn FUNdamentals of the game in an awesome atmosphere where winning is secondary.

6)     Mercy rules will be in effect of a 15 run lead at the end of the 3rd inning, 10 run at the end of the 4th.

7)     Teams will field 10-11 players defensively. ONE player per defensive position in the infield. Managers are NOT required to rotate players each inning on defense, however, for this division it is encouraged by SLL and LL org. Managers ARE required to rotate their players throughout the season, so that each player has the opportunity to learn new spots IF they may SAFELY do so. IF you have 11 players present, the 11th player may occupy an OUTFIELD position ONLY! So 5 outfielders and 6 infielders to make 11. Outfield is defined as the grassy area past the dirt/clay infield.

*note: SLL recommends rotating 2 innings per child at any defensive position. If no safety issue is present, players in the outfield must be brought to the infield position by INNING 3.

8)     For the safety of all players, coaches, spectators, there is NO “ON DECK” BATTER any time, either outside the dugout OR on the field.

9)     Defensively, TWO coaches may stand in the OUTFIELD to provide instruction to their players/team. The outfield is defined as the grassy area past the dirt infield. Other defensive coaches, allowance of 2, one must remain one arms length from dugout fence of first or third baseline. The other Defensive coach may help at home plate behind their catcher to assist with passed balls, should encourage the catcher to be positioned safely and properly, and urge them to catch and retrieve balls. AT NO TIME, should a coach hover over a player or intentionally interfere with a live ball. Offensively, there may be a base coach on 1st and 3rd in FOUL TERRITORY, in addition to the Coach Pitcher. One offensive coach must be in the dugout minimally.

10)  Catcher is a required position. The Catcher must wear appropriate catchers gear which will be provided by SLL: catchers mask with throat guard, chest protector, shin guards, and protective cup. Only the catcher is REQUIRED by LL org to wear a protective cup but it is recommended that ALL male players consider wearing at least a soft cup.

11)  Baserunners may advance 1 base for infield hits and 2 bases for outfield hits. A baserunner may advance 1 base for an errant ball thrown by the fielder's attempt to get a baserunner out. Coaches should use their best judgment when advancing baserunners on balls in live play. The objective in this division should not be running up the score.

12)  All players in this division must wear baseball pants (shorts are not recommended for practice or games), uniform shirt TUCKED IN and uniform hat during games. Belt is recommended but optional. Helmet must have a protective face mask attached. Protective cup is recommended for all male players but not required unless you are catching. NO JEWELRY is allowed in games for safety. NO TEE BALL bats are allowed in this division, as they are only compatible with tee balls. This is a LL rule, no exceptions. Bats should be no shorter than 26 inches. All bats must have a USA stamp.

13)  Home team is responsible for chalking the field for game play, and raking the field after the game if needed. BOTH are responsible for cleanliness of respective dugouts.

14)  It is a Team manager's responsibility to represent and oversee the team's conduct as a whole. There will be a very low tolerance for inappropriate behavior from the coaching staff, players, and spectators. Please refer to your Coaches Code Of Conduct or SLL by-laws. Coaches should not be answering cell phones during game play on the field, using profanity, or slandering individuals or the league as a whole. Please see a board member for any questions or concerns with conduct of the aforementioned.

15)  Coach Pitch Instruction Guidelines – Coaches are encoured but are not required to follow the Coach Pitch 12-week training program located on the Starkey Little League website in the ‘Coach’s Corner. Managers can facilitate learning as they choose but these valuable core lessons from the 12 week program must be met. It is also important that you are including POSITIVE COACHING WEEKLY TIPS into your practices. Please use this resource and lean on the broken down practice plans for structure.

16)  Team managers are responsible for distribution/collection of parent and player code of conduct. REMINDER, any adult aiding or interacting with players must complete a volunteer form and background check. No exceptions.

17)  For Saturday games, if there is a team waiting for the field at the conclusion of the game, please clear the dugout & field and have your team meeting off the field so we can keep all games on schedule.

18)  Please remind players and parents to clean out the dugout and bleachers prior to leaving the field.

19)  Starkey Little League is a NO SMOKING park.  We do not allow the use of any tobacco products during practices and/or games except at the designated smoking areas which are located past the bullpens on the side of each field.

20)  Please remember the reason we all get involved is for the kids.  Please make sure they learn not only the game of baseball but also good sportsmanship, discipline, and respect for others.  Most of all HAVE FUN!!


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